This blog follows developments in the Russian e-commerce sector, particularly those which are pertinent to an international brand, investor or startup company looking to enter the Russian market. The vast majority of information about Russian e-commerce is confined to the Russian-language press. My aim is to make it accessible to a wider audience.

Leighton Peter Prabhu

About me

I am Leighton Peter Prabhu. I am a partner in Interstice Consulting LLP and head of the Russian office. My practice focuses on e-commerce business and marketing consulting, especially for foreign e-commerce brands entering the Russian market.

I’ve been working in the e-business sector since 2000, initially based in New York as an e-business strategy consultant to large financial institutions and startups, and more recently as a co-investor and business development director. My e-business experience runs the gamut from development/coding, to project management, to graphic and user interface design, to online marketing (including social media), and to business planning, strategic planning and capital raising. I’ve been working in the Russian market since 2004.

My e-commerce projects are concentrated in the fashion/retail segment and have been written up in various Russian and international media including Forbes, TechCrunch, Fast Company, Business of Fashion, Retailer Magazine, The Moscow News, Timeout, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Wedding, and Maxim.

You can find out more about my business interests at LinkedIn. You can also connect with me on Twitter and on Google+.

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